Responsible Design

Nature & Design highlights different concepts such as sustainable development, eco-design, Belgian craftsmanship, short channels and the use of massive noble woods.

The concept of responsible design, which we advocate for our furniture, can be summed up like following:

  • The wood comes from legally sustainably managed forests, thus fighting deforestation;
  • The materials and components used are not harmful to health and environment. We use eco-friendly, water-based glues, natural oils and environmentally friendly processing or finishing treatments that replace traditional components that contain chemical solvents and other harmful products;
  • The product does not contain endocrine disruptors;
  • Furniture is produced locally, favouring the local economy, by a passionate craftsman, thus respecting the philosophy and ethics of Belgian craftsmanship;
  • We use the most direct means of transport in terms of distance by delivering the furniture directly to your home, thus reducing the environmental impact to a strict minimum;

As you can see, ecology is an integral part of the creation of our furniture over its entire life span from design, through manufacturing to delivery to the user, not forgetting the recycling of the furniture at the end of its life.

Everything to allow you to reconcile design and personal ethical vision.